About Me

I have been interested in Interior Design, for as long as I can remember.

As a child, whilst on visits in people's homes, I would constantly be visualizing the aesthetic, colorful and unique changes I would make to enhance their home’s interior.

20 years later and with a Bachelor's Degree from the Holon Institute of Technology in hand, I share the same passion from my childhood years, with maturity, wisdom, knowledge and experience.


For 7 years, I was privileged to be the Senior Project Manager at the renown “Alex Meitalis Architects” Offices in Tel Aviv, and to have been involved in the most prestigious and challenging projects.

The experience I acquired taught me how to combine the aspirations and needs of the clients with beauty, style and practicality, while taking into account the individual characters of each family member.

Interior design is so much more than just a client’s dream. The need to understand the behavior of clients in their surroundings and how they will experience their interior spaces by providing solutions, functionality and aesthetics is so very important.  It is the formula which takes into account every single detail needed, in order to create quality of life inside their home, and an overall sensual experience of ease and intimacy.


I would be most pleased to get to know you better, and to design your apartment to suit your style, rhythm, desires and dreams.